The first step in setting yourself apart from your competitor’s is actually looking different from them. At Iron Rock Construction, our goal is to always provide a sleek, professional,Custom Home Builder Austin, “best of the best” appearance in everything we do. This is demonstrated through our signage, our company documents, our marketing materials, our dress-code, our speech, and even the way that we maintain the job site.

We want to demonstrate ourselves as a trustworthy and professional service company and we believe this starts from the very beginning with the way we present ourselves.


As a service company we want to actively contribute a useful skill to society by providing quality construction services; but, more importantly, we want to use our resources Custom Home Builder Austin to be a blessing to the city. It is simply not enough for us to do business and make money.

If we are a company that only serves those who pay us, then we aren’t actually giving anyone anything. We’re only trading good and services; therefore, we teach our employees to not only serve our clients well, but to also seek out ways to serve our neighbors, our vendors, our city officials, and everyone else we come in contact with.


We believe one of the fundamental purposes of business is to make work fun and joyful for everyone involved. Work wasn’t created to be a burden, but to allow us to exercise our creativity and passions.

Don’t be surprised if you see a Mariachi Band or an ice cream truck show up at one of our job sites. We also love to host parties when we finish jobs to invite the neighbors and celebrate the completion of a successful project.


It’s important to us that we are a company that takes time to connect with people and sincerely tries to get to know them. One way we attempt to do this is by introducing ourselves to the neighbors in areas we are working and see if there is any way we can serve them. If they have a minor maintenance item we can take care of then we’ll try and do that for free while we have workers in the area.

We also try and take time to get to know our clients, our staff, and our vendors so that we can find ways to go above and beyond with them as well.